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Beowulf the Warrior
Ian Serraillier

Master storyteller and poet Ian Serraillier has rewoven in modern narrative verse the story of Beowulf, the oldest epic in the English language. He succeeds in making this classic tale accessible to today’s youth. His rendition is an excellent introduction to both the events of the tale and the flow of the epic language for young readers. Beowulf was a real historical person, as ancient records confirm; and the poem is a pre-Christian era epic of the Saxons. The references to Old Testament persons and events are not the work of later Christian revisionists, but handed down generation after generation from the post-flood founders of the Saxon tribes. (See After the Flood for a thoroughly researched account of the historicity of Beowulf.) The Saxons had established their Heptarchy in Britain by 454 AD, and the writing of Beowulf can be internally dated to the pre-Christian era of the Saxons between this time and their wars with Charlemagne (ca. 800 AD, see After the Flood).

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