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Logic Puzzle Links

Logic Problems
This is the site to begin your logic puzzle odyssey. It contains a thorough introduction to logic puzzles, how to solve them, how to construct them, links to other logic puzzle sites, and reviews of logic puzzle magazines. The webmaster posts a new logic puzzle every month, rated by difficulty from 1 through 5 stars, and maintains a logic puzzles for children section. The webmaster is also a Christian, and all of his puzzles are clean.

What Ho! Another Logic Challenge!
This site features a detailed (and rather difficult) logic puzzle every month, and sends out prizes to one visitor each month who can solve the puzzle correctly. The site features a very nice grid to aid in figuring out the puzzle (you can print the page rather than trying to solve it online), and a link to their archive of previous months’ puzzles. The puzzles are based on the characters in P.G. Wodehouse books. Fun and challenging.

Logic Puzzle Page
The Logic puzzles on this page are posted monthly, and the webmaster maintains an archive of puzzles back to December of 1995. Some of the puzzles are traditional logic puzzles using a fill-in grid to help solve, some are single-part, some are mulitple-part, some just require logical thinking skills to solve, with no grid. Some are easy, some are challenging; the webmaster usually indicates which are which. The solutions are also posted if you get stuck.

Logic Puzzles
This is a new puzzle of the month site, so there are only 3 puzzles up so far, but are they challenging! And not all are the traditional grid kind. This site also keeps a list of links to other Logic Puzzle sites.

Logic Puzzles
The site page of links devoted to Puzzles, Riddles, and Brainteasers, the vast majority of which are logic-related.

Sudoku is the newest type of logic puzzle. A good site for rules and strategy, but to actually play, you must purchase the game.

Logic Puzzle Magazines
The most common and easiest to find are Dell Logic Puzzles, Dell Math Puzzles and Logic Problems, and Penny Press Original Logic Problems. Logic Problems maintains reviews of common logic puzzle magazines for more information on these and other magazines.
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