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History of Logic Links

History of Formal Logic
By John Harrison, from a section on his paper titled Formalised Mathematics. This brief overview brings in some different aspects left out of the Encyclopedia Britainnica article.

Logic from Encyclopedia Britannica
A comprehensive article tracing the history of the discipline of logic from its origins among the ancient Greeks to the present time, with links.

Logic Mathematicians
This page contains links about three great mathematicians who specialized in logic: Lewis Carroll, George Boole, and Giuseppe Peano. (Mysteriously, Aristotle and Euclid did not make the cut.)

Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy
This excellent page collects and posts links to internet pages dealing with various aspects of medieval logic; maintains an active bulletin board forum for discussions on all aspects of medievel logic and philosophy; and its stuff to download section is marvelous: medieval texts such as from Justin Martyr, Thomas Aquinas, William of Occam, and class notes and lectures about medieval logic.

Study Web: Philosophy: Logic
Study Web’s extensive anotated links concerning the logic branch of philosophy study. The list of links contains some very good links about the mathematicians and philosophers that have influenced logic as a science, and their works, such as Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Hegel, and more.
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