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The Child's Story Bible
Catherine E. Vos

This is the only Bible Story Book where the stories are presented in chronological order rather than strictly in the same order as the real Bible; which makes it a great choice for those who want a story book, but also who want to read through the Bible chronologically. The Child’s Story Bible is the labor of love of Catherine Vos, wife of a Calvin College professor of theology and mother in the early part of this century; Mrs. Vos wrote this when her children were small and she was unable to find a Bible storybook to meet her exacting standards to read to them. First published in 1935, this beautiful edition retains the original 31 full-page paintings illustrating the text, which is Scripturally accurate and yet delightful and easily understood by children. One hundred ten stories in the Old Testament tell of the world’s creation and the lives of the patriarchs, from Adam through Abraham, Israel’s wanderings into and out of Egypt, and through the wilderness, the settlement of Canaan by the nation of Israel, the kings and prophets, and Israel’s exile and return to their land. Ninety-two stories in the New Testament tell of the life of the Savior, the birth of the church and its growth, ending with the revelation of the apostle John.

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