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3rd Grade: The Medieval World

The Dark Ages
The time of chaos and uncertainty when Europe was finding herself after the Fall of Rome is known as the Dark Ages. Into the void left by the Roman Empire, Christianity brightly took the lead.

The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages were a time when Christian society reigned supreme, and yet clouds were on the horizon: while at times true Christian love shown through, also at times everything evil was practiced in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Medieval World for Older Students
If you are beginning classical education or homeschooling with older grammar stage students, or need resources to fill in the facts of history with dialectic and rhetoric stage students, these will do that at a higher reading level.

Medieval World Teacherís Resources
The medieval world built upon the foundation of Western Civilization begun by Greece and Rome, but Christianity informed its direction and philosophies to the extent that the world as we know it today would not exist without its supremacy. These essential resources will help the homeschool parent grasp the big picture.

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