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AP Latin Course

AP Latin comprises two courses, Vergil and Latin Literature, which are designed to correspond to college Latin studies in the fourth through sixth semesters. The basic objectives are progress in reading, translating, understanding, analyzing, and interpreting Latin. AP Latin Examinations are offered for both courses; you may take either one, or both, in any given year. The Latin Literature course contains a Catullus requirement which may be onerous to students, as the poetry of Catullus often dwells on themes of sexual love. In both courses, as in the parallel courses at colleges, the student will be expected to translate accurately from Latin into English the poetry or prose read, and to demonstrate a grasp of grammatical structures and vocabulary. Because the appreciation of Latin literature requires an understanding of the literary techniques of Latin writers and of poetic meters where appropriate, stylistic analysis is an integral part of the advanced work in both courses. In addition, AP Latin courses include the study of the cultural, social, and political context of the literature on the syllabus. The works selected for the AP Latin courses are among those frequently studied in comparable college courses.

Vergil's Aeneid

by Clyde Pharr

Vergil's Aeneid, Books 10 and 12: Pallus and Turnus

by Barbara Weiden Boyd

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