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Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
This Sourcebook, like the other ones, provide pointers to the histories and literature of the Republic and Empire, as well as numerous other helps.

Armies of the Roman Empire
A great place to start learning about the powerful Roman military machine that conquered an Empire. Other sites include:
Romans in Scotland.

De Imperatoribus Romanis
Latin for “On the Roman Emporers.” This online encyclopedia of the rulers of Rome contains biographical essays from Augustus to Constantine XI Palaeologus, which are peer reviewed with a bibliography, illustrations, and footnotes. Under construction is an Imperial Battle Index, complete with maps!

Dead Romans
The great feature about this site is the 3-D Virtual Walkthrough of the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum, with over 280 photographs, and more additions planned. Also visit the Forum Romanum Project and The Roman Forum Through the Ages for more detailed maps and information about the Roman Forum.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Ancient Rome
A well-done introduction to the culture of Ancient Rome, with links. Interesting pages dealing with other aspects of Roman culture and civilization include:
Antique Roman Dishes
Roman Ball Games;
Roman Calendar;
Roman Law.

Forum Romanum
A Think Quest Contest winner, designed by high school students in the Netherlands.

History of Western Civilization: Ancient Europe
Click on the links to the Punic Wars, the Roman Revolution, and the First Emperors for an overview of those periods in Roman history.

Jewish Roman World of Jesus
Site by Dr. James D. Tabor, expert in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Judaism and Christianity under the Romans. Especially helpful are:
Hellenistic/Roman Religion &

Crucifixion in Antiquity;
Ancient Judaism.

Map of the Roman Empire
This map is of the Empire at its greatest extent in the 3rd century A.D. Clicking on any area of the map lets you zoom in several times to see greater detail. Another valuable site for maps of ancient Rome is the European Maps Archive, with separate maps depicting many stages in Rome’s history and growth.

Pompeii Forum Project
Lots of great photos of the excavation. Other sites about Pompeii include:
NOVA Online: Deadly Shadow of

Pompeii: A Photographic Archive;
Pompeii Yellow Pages;
Vesuvius, Italy.

Lots of informative essays on numerous topics of Roman Republic and Empire society and culture.

Roman History Timeline
This fantastic timeline gives detailed information from Roman prehistory to Constantine, in the subjects of Political and Military, Legal, Literary and Artistic, and Social history, with links to additional resources.

Roman World
Part of the Western Canon great books site, with emphasis on the great authors and literature of the Roman world, plus links to other sites of interest.

Suggest a Site
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Lepcis Magna: The Roman Empire in Africa
One of the best preserved Roman cities in the world, this site by the excavation team takes you on a breath-taking tour of Lepcis Magna. Learn about life in a typical Roman city along the way.

Roman Technology Handbook
Very nice content and graphics, this site explains Roman engineering and how they built everything they did, plus all manner of interesting tidbits. Also visit Aquae Urbis Romae: the Waters of the City of Rome for more fascinating information on Roman engineering.

Odyssey Online: Rome
Explore the people, mythology, daily life, death and burial, writing, and archaeology of Ancient Rome, in a fun, fascinating way!

S.P.Q.R. Online
“Welcome to S.P.Q.R., an online interactive mystery game named after, and inspired by, the Senate and the People of Rome (Senatus Populusque Romanus in Latin). The setting is the ancient Forum of Rome. The year is 205 A.D. Rome is threatened by a mysterious saboteur named “The Calamitus.” The city, and indeed the entire Empire, may be in danger! Can you save Rome? Your quest begins in Chapter I.”

Detroit Institute of Arts: Ancient Roman Art
Begin a study of ancient Etruscan and Roman art here for the helpful commentary accompanying each work.

Roman Art & Architecture
This site contains a large selection of beautiful images, grouped by subject, such as the city of Rome, Republican Rome, or the Early Christian Era; and also by media, such as sculpture or architecture.

ROMARCH: Roman Art & Archaeology
The premier Roman Studies page on the internet, with briefly annotated links to every other place on the internet having to do with anything Roman.

The sites on the left are pages with excellent historical content. The sites below are links pages, specifically chosen for the quality of pointers to other sites for further research.

Ancient Rome
Nicely annotated links to other sites on the subjects of: archaeology, art and architecture, history, literature, philosophy, and religion.

Ancient Rome by the Mining Co.
There are several good pages here covering the history of Rome, including the Early & Republican History page, the Punic Wars page, and the History of the Empire page.

Ancient Rome Links
One of the better links pages, including many useful sites. Its organization by topics and periods of Roman history make it doubly useful.

Creative Impulse: Rome
One of the best on the net for resources involving every aspect of Roman history and way of life.

Power That Was Rome
This page is a wonderful resource! Be sure to visit the section of special places: extra nice websites concerned with an overview of all things Roman. A high-quality resource, this site takes time to load, but is worth it.

RomanSites Home Page
If it has to do with Rome and is on the web, then it will be here at this frequently updated clearinghouse website. The links are reviewed and sorted into easy to use categories.

Rome Project
A valuable research tool, divided into several catagories: Literature, Military, Archaeology, Political, General, Philosophy, Drama, Religion, Search Engines, and Maps.

The Perseus Project of the Roman world, still under construction, but growing. The VRoma Links page is most helpful.

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