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Glass Throughout History
“Since the early ages of ancient civilizations, glass as a material has had an important place in human life. It has been utilized in many different forms from jewelry to weaponry and lately industry. During its 4500 year long journey, since its first invention, the quality, chemical, composition, and decoration of glass has changed dramatically.” Find out all about it.

History of Cartography
This link is an outline of a book on the same subject, but is valuable as a chronological guide of the development of map-making. Instead of finding one site that lists all links about the history of cartography, I found several sites that, all put together, will help in researching this topic:
Map History & the History of Cartography
Odden’s Bookmarks: the Fascinating World of Maps
Geography at the Mining Company
Exploration & Historical Geography

History of Costume
Reprint on the web of a popular 19th century book of 500 plates of historical dress from antiquity to the end of the 19th century. Milieux: The Costume Site is another costume site for theatrical productions which has lots of information and pictures of historical dress.

History of Mathematics
Fantastic site, one of the very few to receive Encyclopaedia Britannica’s five star Best of the Web rating.

History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present
This site contains a chronology and a collection of essays on various themes using information from the book, The History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day by Glyn Davies.

History of Plumbing
Can plumbing be interesting? It is here! Explore the ingeneous water retrieval and removal systems of ancient Babylonia, Crete, Egypt, Greece, Jerusalem, Pompeii, and more!

History of Sports
The history of every sport imaginable is chronicled at this interesting page.

History of Science, Technology, & Medicine
Part of the extensive WWW Virtual Library, a tremendous storehouse of links to every possible aspect of the history of science, most reviewed and sorted in various ways to promote ease of use.

History of Timekeeping: A Walk Through Time
Excellent site by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Media History Project
"Promoting the study of media history from petroglyphs to pixels." Includes a timeline and separate sections (with links) on such subjects as early media: oral and scribal culture; print media: the development of printing, journalism, photography, and advertising; electrical media: the telegraph, telephone, and sound recording; mass media: film, radio and television; and digital media: computers. Also visit these excellent websites focusing on the history of written communication:
Encyclopaedia Britannica’s History of the Book;
History of Handwriting;
Manuscripts, Books, and Maps: the History of Printing;
Printing: History & Development.

Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
An excellent site to learn not only how paper is made today, but how it has been made throughout history. Also visit the Duke Papyrus Archive to find out about papyrus, the first paper of the ancient Egyptians.

Take Off! Timeline
Excellent timeline detailing the history of flight from prehistory to the present. Time- line text embeds quality links to other sites, such as the Chinese history of kites, Leo- nardo da Vinci, and NASA. Other notable sites on the history of aviation include:
Airline History Pages;
Aviation History by the Mining Co.;
Aviation Through the Ages;
How We Made the First Flight by Orville Wright;
To Fly is Everything

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