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Ancient City of Athens
This award-winning site is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens.

Ancient Europe
A Boise State University page. The ancient Greece links to the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian War, and Alexander the Great give a brief overview of some of the most important events in Greek history.

Barbarians & Bureaucrats
Learn about the history, people, and culture of the Minoans and Myceneans, and take advantage of numerous other resources to make your study of this time in Greek history more profitable. Other sites about the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations include:
Golden & the Great: Knossos;
Minoan Civilization;
Palace at Knossos;
Prehistoric Archaeology of the


Classical Mythology
This site gives a nice overview of the Greek myths, to get you started. Other worthwhile mythology sites include:
Apollodorus’ Library;
Bulfinch’s Mythology;
Encyclopedia Mythica;
MythMedia: Mythology in Western


Detailed Chronology of Greek History
No links, but a helpful timeline of events.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Ancient Greece
A very well-done introduction to the culture of Ancient Greece on the Internet, with links.

Greek Civilization Home Page
A Portland State University site, designed by Portland State sophomores. It includes information on a wide variety of topics, links to other relevant sites on the World Wide Web, and suggestions for further reading. Other fantastic sites on aspects of ancient Greek civilization include:
Early Greek Astronomy;
Greek Olive Oil;
Introduction to Ancient Theater;
Philosophy Pages;
Socratic Method;
Ships of the Ancient Greeks.

Greek World
Part of the Western Canon great books site, with emphasis on the great writers and books of the Greek World, plus links to other sites of interest.

Greek World of Mary Renault
Mary Renault wrote well-researched historical fiction, and real historical figures and events commonly figured in her stories. This website lists each of her books in chronological order of the history of Ancient Greece, and includes timelines and many links and resources for understanding the history behind the stories.

Macedonia History
By the Macedonian Cultural & Historical Resource Center, nicely illustrated and detailed information about the Macedonians; Philip II, and Alexander the Great. See other pages on Alexander the Great and other famous Grecians at History’s Famous People.

Maps of the Classical Age
A nice set of maps from the end of the Greek Dark Ages to the rise of Roman power in the Mediterranean. Another nice set of maps can be found at Locator for Map of Greek World.

World Cultures: Ancient Greece
Overview of Archaic Greece, the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian War, Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and Hellenistic Greece (Alexander the Great). More pages on Greek philosophy, drama, and additional internet resources make this a useful site.

Ancient Greek World
A University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology exhibit detailing the geography and history of Ancient Greece, its daily life, economy, and religion. It is illustrated with artifacts from the museum collection.

Thomas Martin’s Overview of Archaic & Classical Greek History
The Historical Overview provides an excellent summary of the history of ancient Greece from the period when Mycenaean civilization perished, to 323 BC, the death of Alexander the Great. A Perseus Project site.

Ancient Olympics
This Perseus Project site is not just for kids -- adults will love it too! Everything you ever wanted to know about the ancient Olympic games. Highly recommended.

Another fantastic Perseus Project site, not to be missed.

Odyssey Online: Greece
A great site that makes learning fun! Explore the people, mythology, daily life, death and burial practices, and the writing of the ancient Greeks.

Classical Art: an Introduction
An excellent introduction to the art and design of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, once again from the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, Georgia. Learn about Greek style and design at this site first.

Timelines of Art History
For a wonderful cross-section of examples of the art of each of the periods in Greek history, visit these subpages next:
Bronze Age Greece & Crete;
Archaic Period;
Classical Period;
Late Classical & Hellenistic Period.

The sites on the left are pages with excellent historical content. The sites below are links pages, specifically chosen for the quality of pointers to other sites for further research.

Ancient Greece
Nicely annotated links to other sites on the subjects of: archaeology, art and architecture, history, literature, mythology and religion, and philosophy.

Ancient Greece by the Mining Co.
The Mining Co.’s history pages are a good place to begin the study of a topic, because they are geared for the general reader rather than the historian.

Ancient Greek Links
Catagorized by authors and texts, art and images, resources and topics, and maps and geography.

Creative Impulse: Greece
This award-winning site is one of the places to begin for resources on the study of every aspect of Classical Greece.

Glory That Was Greece
One of the better annotated links page, very nicely done. Be sure to visit the section of special places: extra nice websites concerned with an overview of all things Greek. A high-quality resource, this site takes time to load, but is worth it.

Perseus Project
Everything having to do with Ancient Greece, plus links to anywhere else that also has to do with Ancient Greece.

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