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Ancient History Sourcebook
A companion to the Medieval Sourcebook, the Ancient History Sourcebook provides access to primary source texts for educational purposes.

Ancient Medicine
“The Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua Essays are short, authoritative, up-to- date treatments of specific topics in Greco-Roman medicine and medical thought, with suggestions for further reading or WWW browsing.” An award- winning site.

Ancient Ways: Ancient Sites of Britain
“The British countryside is littered with relics from prehistory. Some of these are just bumps and ridges in the ground whilst others are huge standing stones that have survived the test of time and human progress. They belonged to a civilisation that spanned 2500 years yet left no record of its existence beyond the remains of its ceremonial centres, gathering places and burial sites.” This beautiful website takes you on an elegant tour of Britain’s ancient sites.

Antiquity Online
This site is a thorough and detailed online textbook, hyperlinked, covering the rise of Sumer through the fall of Rome. Like other historians specializing in the ancient world, mention is made of Genesis and the Hebrews which can be taken with a grain of salt.

Archaeological Adventure
If you desire to study the science of archaeology along with your study of the ancient world, then this ThinkQuest site is a good place to start. You can learn about the history and vocabulary of archaeology; explore famous expeditions of the past, learn about the breaking archaeological news of present discoveries, and find out how archaeology is developing on the cutting edge of the future. Then, if that isn’t enough, continue your research with their list of archaeology web links.

Atrium: Ancient Greece & Rome
Containing This Day in Ancient History, the Ancient World on Television (updated every week), the Bibliotheca, a virtual library of links on topics such as Greek History and Roman Law (under construction), and more.

Encyclopedia Mythica
An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more, containing over 4700 entries on gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world.

European Maps Archive
Natural Resource maps, plus historical maps of the Ancient Near East, Classical Greece, Hellenistic World, Roman Republic & Empire, and Dark Ages. A very nice resource. For more excellent maps of the ancient world, see Interactive Ancient Mediterranean.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
An excellent introduction to ancient world cultures: the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Islam, & Europe.

Moon in Ancient History
This page contains interesting information about lunar calendars and the use of astronomy in ancient cultures, as well as cultural beliefs and worldviews that centered on the worship of the heavens in ancient times. I have included this page more for the education of parents; parents should supervise children surfing this page.

Mr. Donn’s Ancient History
Lesson plans and activities, online games, links, ideas for teaching about civilizations, the concept of time, archaeology, and numerous other helps.

Origins & Ancient History of Wine
A University of Pennslyvania Museum of Archaeology online exhibit examining the oldest wine jug ever found (5000 years old), and tracing the importance and uses of wine in several ancient cultures. A fascinating site!

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
An excellent page devoted to the histories and the descriptions of the seven ancient wonders, the only one still surviving being the Great Pyramid at Giza. Informative and interesting.

A Geo-cities type community of users, but with so much more available! The focus of the entire AncientSites communities remains on the ancient world, and besides visiting the various “cities” (Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Athens, etc.) and all the home pages that the “citizens” have put up, there are games to play, ancient mysteries to solve, virtual tours to take of the ancient world, curriculum for teaching about the ancient world, discussion boards, and more.

Ancient & Classical History by the Mining Company
Everything you ever wanted to know about every aspect of ancient civilizations; fantastic links, and original hyperlinked essays. A really wonderful Internet treasure trove of information!

Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
From the Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection, this interactive site explores the fate of the Maya, Mesopotamia, Chaco Canyon, and the Mali. You can even try your hand at archaeology!

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
Find out what life was like in Ancient Egypt. Greece, Rome, India, and China, and play a few games along the way.

Empires Past
An outstanding ThinkQuest entry that covers in detail the Empires of Egypt, Rome, China, and the Aztecs. There are games to play when all the research is done, and other features.

Ancient Art at the Detroit Institute of Art
“The scope of the collection is broad in both time and geography; it exhibits a range that includes prehistoric objects from the caves of Mount Carmel in Israel to gold artifacts from the Bronze Age in Ireland. Virtually every artistic medium is represented including pottery, stone, glass, textile, and metal. Categories of art include sculpture, architecture, painting, weapons, armor, jewelry, textiles, and mummies.” The helpful explanatory text accompanying each artifact makes this site more useful than plain image archives.

The sites on the left are pages with excellent historical content. The sites below are links pages, specifically chosen for the quality of pointers to other sites for further research.

Amazing Ancient World
“The premier journey to the ancient world, weaving together the peoples of those lands, their civilizations, and the way they lived.” A high-quality resource, this site takes time to load, but is worth it.

Ancient World Web History Index
Part of the Ancient World Web, this page has annotated links to everything having to do with the history of the ancient world on the internet.

Argos Search Engine
If it’s on the web and has to do with ancient, classical, or medieval history, it can be found through Argos.

Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology
The other definitive website on all studies having to do with classical antiquity (besides the Perseus Project.) While here, visit the Teaching Resources, Museums, and Atlas & Geography pages.

Myths & Legends
Index of links organized by region and language group of the major myths and legends sites to be found on the internet. Major myth groups, such as Greek & Roman, and Norse/ Teutonic, are represented, as well as more obscure collections: Basque or Polynesian, for example.

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