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Christ and the Abbot Mena Classical Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Kindergarten Scope & Sequence

Kindergarten is not technically necessary. The origin of kindergarten lies with the Prussian model of schooling, admired by Horace Mann et al, and was instituted to remove children from the influence of their parents at an earlier age. (Please read The Public School Nightmare by John Taylor Gatto for more information on the history and development of our current public and private school structure.) However, if children of kindergarten age in a homeschool setting are eager to “do school” like big brother or sister, these suggestions will enrich their hearts and minds while providing important practice in fine motor coordination and development.

Bible: listening to Bible stories; memorizing scriptures
Option 1: The Holy Bible, reading the stories as they are encountered
Option 2: Bible read-aloud recommendations from the 1000 Good Books list

Literature: listening to quality literature; lots of poetry
Literature & Poetry selections from the 1000 Good Books list

Art: fine motor practice in art book
Baby Lamb’s Book of Art by Barry Stebbings (preschoolers)
I Can Do All Things by Barry Stebbings (kindergarteners)

Other Academics: not necessary unless the child is ready for them; if so:
Option 1: The Three R’s (Reading, Writing, and Math) by Ruth Beechick
Option 2: Saxon Phonics K by Lorna Simmons

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