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Homeschooling Online Catalog: Grammar Curriculum

This page last revised:
June 2003


Grammar Curriculum

Using the Online Catalog

Orthography: Grades 1-2

Orthography is the study of the elementary sounds, letters and syllables of English. The study of orthography entails phonics instruction for learning to read and spell, and writing letter forms and penmanship.

Etymology: Grades 3-4

Etymology is the study of the classification, derivation, and properties of words. During the study of etymology, children will learn to alphabetize, break words into syllables, use the dictionary and library, distinguish between homophones, homonyms, heteronyms, synonyms, and antonyms, use and spell compound and contracted words, class words by part of speech (noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections), distinguish when the same word is being used as different parts of speech, how to make nouns plural and use verbs in their different tenses, Greek and Latin roots of English words and their meanings, add prefixes and suffixes to roots, and the changes in meaning and part of speech that adding affixes causes words to undergo, and the capitalization rules.

Syntax: Grades 5-6

Syntax is the study of the proper construction of sentences. Children will learn the parts of a sentence, (subject, predicate, phrase, and clause), the science of sentence analysis, or sentence diagramming, and the punctuation rules.

Spelling: Grades 1-6

Spelling is technically a subset of orthography, but we teach spelling throughout the first through sixth grades. Use the resources suggested here for help in teaching spelling by syllables.

Teacher’s Grammar Resources

These resources and grammar references will help demystify the English language for the homeschool parent.

Using the Online Catalog

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