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Homeschooling Online Catalog: Spelling Curriculum

This page last revised:
June 2003


Spelling: Grades 1-6

Using the Online Catalog

To teach spelling by syllables with the phonic spelling rules, the best way to teach children to become successful spellers, choose only one of the programs listed below, either The Writing Road to Reading, or Spell to Write and Read with The W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling, or The Elementary Spelling Book with The ABC’s and All Their Tricks.

Click to order Writing Road to ReadingWriting Road to Reading
Romalda Bishop Spalding, Mary E. North, Editor

The Writing Road to Reading teaches the phonograms not only so that children learn to read, but also so that they learn to spell. The method includes six years of spelling instruction, and the spelling words are taken from the Extended Ayres List, which is included. The spelling instruction continues to teach using sight, sound, speech, and writing combined. This ensures that no matter what type of learner your child is -- auditory, visual, or kinesthetic -- the Spalding method will work for him. Decades of research and implementation by specialists has confirmed the effectiveness of WRTR for all learning types.

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Click to order Spell to Write and ReadSpell to Write and Read
Wanda Sanseri

Spell to Write and Read is based on Spalding’s method, and teaches the same material (letter forms, penmanship, phonics for reading and spelling) in the same method as The Writing Road to Reading. Thus it could replace WRTR to teach 1-2 grade orthography as well as 1-6 grade spelling. Each lesson is spelled out for the teacher, and the biblical content in the choice of the sentences for dictation make it a popular substitute for Spalding’s Writing Road to Reading. Spell to Write and Read contains the teacher’s instructions for teaching the phonograms for reading, the letter forms and penmanship (both printing and cursive), and the phonograms for spelling using Spalding’s notebook system, as well as integrated reading and grammar, just as WRTR does. The W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling (below) contains the Ayres List with teacher instruction and spelling enrichment exercises. Both books are needed to teach spelling in Grades 1-6.

Click to order W.I.S.E. Guide for SpellingW.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling
Wanda Sanseri

Based on WRTR’s spelling notebook system, this is the companion to Spell to Write and Read above (which replaced Teaching Reading at Home), and clarifies and outlines the spelling notebook year by year. Included with the explanation of the notebook and the spelling list are excellent sentences for copying and dictation for every word, and spelling enrichment activities for every section of the Ayres List. This parent guide is not a stand-alone book--you will need Spell to Write and Read. To order, click on the book cover to go to the Back Home Industries catalog page. The W.I.S.E. Guide is the second entry.

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Click to order The Elementary Spelling BookElementary Spelling Book
Noah Webster

Noah Webster’s famous Blue-Backed Speller was the national standard in spelling education in the 19th century, with over 100 million copies sold by the end of the 1800’s. The publisher’s preface states, “The Elementary Spelling Book was originally intended and directed towards the education of children in the second to sixth grade. The principle of educating employed here was to introduce children to words at the earliest age possible in which they could grasp the concepts of reading, writing, spelling, pronouncing and understanding them. It was not expected that the comprehension of all words taught would keep pace with the child’s ability to pronounce or spell them.” This standard, so common in the 19th century, stems from our classical puritan and colonial roots in education. Webster’s teaches spelling systematically through analysis of syllables. The book begins with an analysis of sounds and key to pronunciation, and each lesson progresses in complexity from there, beginning with syllables such as ba, be, bi, bo, bu, and by in lesson 1, all the way through words like abeyance, colleague, picturesque, and subtlety in the final lesson, lesson 152. No attempt is made to divide the lessons into grades--a child just progressed to the next lesson when he had thoroughly mastered his current one. Many practice sentences using the spelling words are included for dictation. Additional lessons on adding suffixes and prefixes, formation of plural nouns, reading and writing Roman, cardinal, ordinal, and fractional numbers, foreign words and phrases common in English, abbreviations, punctuation and capitalization rules, and homonyms, homophones, and homographs are also included. To teach the phonic spelling rules with each list, The ABC’s and All Their Tricks will be required.

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Click to order Classmate Composition BookClassmate Composition Book
Everett Pad & Paper

These durable books are thread sewn and tape bound. Precision ruled with one inch heading and 3/8 inch faint blue lines (wide-ruled), these composition books have 40 pages for a child just beginning to learn his letter forms and practicing his penmanship. The 40 page-size make the book less thick than the larger composition books, which helps to prevent hand fatigue in a child learning to write for the first time. These sewn composition books are of the type recommended for beginning writers in The Writing Road to Reading, Spell to Write and Read, and may also be used with Webster’s Elementary Spelling Book. When children have progressed in their printing (and cursive) sufficiently so that they produce the letter forms effortlessly, children may go to the larger Mead Composition Book, below.

Click to order Mead Composition BookMead Composition Book

These durable books are center stitched with 100 wide-ruled pages and margins. Precision ruled with one inch heading and 3/8 inch faint blue lines, these composition books are perfect for a child who has learned his letter forms, effortlessly writes both printing and cursive, and needs a composition book not for phonogram practice anymore, but for spelling lessons and copybook. The 100 page-size means a child will go through less books per year. These sewn composition books are of the type recommended for intermediate writers in The Writing Road to Reading, Spell to Write and Read, and may also be used with Webster’s Elementary Spelling Book. Mead Composition Books may also be purchased for a cost-savings in a 3-notebook pack.

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