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CCH’s Online Catalog: Government - Grades 7-9

This page last revised:
July 2001

Copyright 1997-2001

Government: Grades 7-9

Using the Online Catalog

The Structure of Government
Civics as we learned it in public school consisted of studying the structure of American government: the differences between federal or national government and state or local governments; the three branches of government; how bills are passed; how ballots work; and so on. This is really only a small part of the picture, but needs to be learned nonetheless. In this section, we have also included the study of the Constitution and other important historical and government documents.

The Nature of Government
The difference between what is commonly called “civics”, above, and what is found in this section, is that this section studies the nature of government as a Biblical and historical imperative and exercise. It is this aspect of government that I believe is the most important of the two. It was this aspect of government in which the founders were steeped, which enabled them to construct the structure studied above.

The Structure of Government

The Story of the ConstitutionThe Story of the Constitution
Sol Bloom and Lars Johnson

For 7th-9th grades. The new second edition of this combination narrative history of the Constitution and Constitutional workbook covers the colonial and revolutionary influences on the Constitution, the framing of the new government, the Articles of Confederation, the need for a change in the government, the story of the Constitutional Convention and the development of the Constitution, including an account of the dissensions and compromises, the ratification of the Constitution, a line by line explanation of the Preamble and all seven Articles, the story of the Bill of Rights, the history and line by line explanation of all 27 amendments to the Constitution, the principles and nature of the Constitution, the outline and complete text of the Constitution, the signers of the Constitution, and recommended materials for further study. We studied this text in 7th grade.

Basic American GovernmentBasic American Government
Clarence B. Carson

For 8th grade and up. Dr. Carson, secondary and university professor, independent researcher, and author of more than 15 books and 500 published articles, gives an account of the general structure of the government as established by the Constitution, and of the state governments which preceded or came after it and their constitutions. Moreover, Dr. Carson details the ancient and modern foundations of our government, scriptural and secular, on which our state and federal constitutions rested. The Founders of the United States built on a great foundation, and that story is told in these pages. Also included is the story of how the Constitution of 1787 became venerated and accepted as Higher Law in the 19th century. The text ends with a sobering description of the massive departures from the Constitution in the 20th century, and its out of control growth on the path toward becoming a Leviathan. We have had the most success getting the considerable wisdom out of this book in this stage when I have gone through the book with my children and actively taught from it. (We studied this text in 8th grade.) Basic American Government may be ordered directly from the publisher by printing and sending this order form with your credit card information, or from Bluestocking Press (click on the “Welcome” button, then the “Catalog of Historical Books ...” option, then the “Government” option, and scroll down to the final entry).

The Nature of Government

God and Government is a three volume series which completely explores the Biblical foundations of government. Each volume contains 10 chapters which conclude with study questions for dialectic stage discussions and essay writing practice. Each volume can be completed in 10-12 weeks, to finish the series in one year; in one semester, to finish the series in a year and a half; or in one year, to finish the series in three years, depending on the pace of the individual home school and students. We studied this series in 9th grade.

God and Government: A Biblical and Historical Study God and Government: A Biblical and Historical Study
Gary DeMar

For 9th grade and up. Volume I covers self and family government, ecclesiastical and civil government, the origin and development of civil government, the purpose and function of civil government, the biblical form of civil government, Jesus and civil government, the Christian history of the United States, the purpose of the United States Constitution, the relationship of church and state in the Bible, and the relationship of church and state in the first amendment.

God and Government: Issues in Biblical Perspective God and Government: Issues in Biblical Perspective
Gary DeMar

For 9th grade and up. Volume II covers developing a biblical world view, world views in conflict, sovereignty and dominion, sovereignty and ownership, financing the work of God’s Kingdom, financing the responsibilities of the state, biblical economics, enemies of biblical economics, the causes of poverty, and the conquest of poverty.

God and Government: Restoration of the Republic God and Government: Restoration of the Republic
Gary DeMar

For 9th grade and up. Volume III covers the biblical view of authority, the enemies of biblical authority, God’s sovereignty over the nations, establishing Christian leadership, the restoration of the republic, the foundation of law, the administration of justice, human rights and responsibilities, sovereignty and education, and the future of government.

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