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CCH’s Online Catalog: Geography

This page last revised:
March 2001

Copyright 1997-2001

Geography: Grades 1-6

Using the Online Catalog

Geography through Literature: Grades 1-6

Stories about people in other lands are the natural first lessons in geography our children learn. These resources will help you find them.

History of Geographic Exploration: Grades 2-6

Man’s discovery of the world around him, and the development of the science of map-making, is an interesting and exciting story. Include these suggestions with your history study to cover this important but often neglected aspect of geography instruction.

Maps & Map Skills: Grades 3-6

The understanding of how the three-dimensional world is represented on two-dimensional paper dawns more slowly for our children. These suggestions will provide the necessary exposure and practice over the course of the final four years of the grammar stage.

Teacher’s Resources

Useful tools to help the parent teach geographic knowledge to their children.

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