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Classical Christian Homeschooling’s online catalog is brought to you in association with Barnes& Your online order is supported by Barnes&’s excellent customer service, and includes a wide variety of payment and shipping options for both U.S. and international destinations. All credit card purchases are furthermore protected by the Barnes& Safe Shopping Guarantee.

CCH’s recommended curriculum has been field-tested in the Miller’s homeschool with much success through three children, with the last one in the rhetoric stage. Out-of-print recommendations are accompanied by a similar in-print option whenever possible. Some recommended curricula is not supported by Barnes&; in such cases, a link is provided to the ordering information at the individual publisher’s website.

The important thing to remember about curriculum is that classical education is not curriculum-dependent. Many, many different curricula can be used when teaching according to the classical model. However, some curricula help the homeschooler do their job more easily while providing high-quality content compatible with the classical model of education. We have endeavored to include in our catalog books and materials that reach this goal.

Sections of this catalog are under construction. As they are completed, their links from this page will become activated. Thank you for your patience during this process.

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We are happy to answer any questions you might have about recommended materials. Just drop us a line. Unfortunately, we cannot answer any questions about curricula that is not featured in our catalog.

Using the Online Catalog

This online catalog is made possible through an association with Barnes& Clicking on the book cover will take you to Barnes&’s information page about that book. You can look at its price, availability, any discounts currently taken for that title, reviews of the book, and other information, as well as order it if you decide to purchase the book. You can even place books in your shopping cart and save them for purchase at a later time. You can continue to add or delete books from your shopping cart until you are satisfied with your order and ready to purchase. Clicking on your browser’s “Back” button will bring you back to this catalog.

Sometimes books go out of print, or the publisher runs out of stock. Any book not available from Barnes& for any reason can be searched using, a book shopping site which will scan Barnes& as well as, Powell’s Books, Book Close Outs and many other new and used book sites. Be sure to also check for out of print book searches.

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