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Homeschooling Online Catalog: Grammar Stage Bible

This page last revised:
May 2003


Grammar Stage
Bible Curriculum

Using the Online Catalog

Bible for Grades 1-6
Read the Holy Bible aloud to your children, as Bible is taught as history to grammar stage children of all ages and grades.

Bible for Grades 1-3
Another option along with reading the Holy Bible is to read a Bible Storybook aloud to preschoolers and beginning readers in one or more grades from 1-3; recommendations are from the 1000 Good Books List.

Bible for Grades 4-6
After a thorough grounding in the history and words of the Bible itself, children learn the creeds and catechism of the Church and develop consistent Bible reading habits, in addition to family Bible reading.

Bible for Grades 1-6

Click to order Reese Chronological BibleReese Chronological Bible
Edward Reese

There are many benefits to reading through the Bible chronologically with your children. Besides learning the Bible as true history rather than a collection of stories or fairy tales, David’s Psalms are interspersed with the narrative of his life; Chronicles and Kings can be read simultaneously; Isaiah’s prophecies are encountered as they were delivered to Hezekiah. The message of the minor prophets is enhanced when read in the context of the events of their times from Kings, Chronicles, and after. The Gospels are harmonized to present a beautiful, full picture of the life of Jesus our Lord, and the epistles are read along with the history of the early church in Acts. Not one word of Scripture is omitted. The further beauty and accuracy of the King James Version makes this a truly valuable addition to any family’s devotional library.

Click to order One Year Chronological BibleOne Year Chronological Bible
Tyndale House

This chronological Bible is the NIV, and is arranged in 365 daily readings. “A fascinating way to read through the Bible! Now you can gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historical context in which they unfolded. The One Year Chronological Bible arranges the entire Bible text--books, chapters, and even verses--in the order the events actually happened. In The One Year Chronological Bible, prophetic books are interwoven with the historical accounts they accompanied. Psalms follow the events they were written about. Proverbs are placed in the time frame in which they were compiled. The life of Christ is woven into one moving story. And Paul’s letters to the young churches in the first century are integrated into the book of Acts.”

Please also see Family Bibles for a select choice of traditionally arranged Bibles for family Bible read-aloud.

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Bible for Grades 1-3

Click to order Child’s Story BibleChild’s Story Bible
Catherine E. Vos

This is the only Bible Story Book where the stories are presented in chronological order rather than strictly in the same order as the real Bible; which makes it a great choice for those who want a story book, but also who want to read through the Bible chronologically. The Child’s Story Bible is the labor of love of Catherine Vos, wife of a Calvin College professor of theology and mother in the early part of this century; Mrs. Vos wrote this when her children were small and she was unable to find a Bible storybook to meet her exacting standards to read to them. First published in 1935, this beautiful edition retains the original 31 full-page paintings illustrating the text, which is Scripturally accurate and yet delightful and easily understood by children. One hundred ten stories in the Old Testament tell of the world’s creation and the lives of the patriarchs, from Adam through Abraham, Israel’s wanderings into and out of Egypt, and through the wilderness, the settlement of Canaan by the nation of Israel, the kings and prophets, and Israel’s exile and return to their land. Ninety-two stories in the New Testament tell of the life of the Savior, the birth of the church and its growth, ending with the revelation of the apostle John.

Click to order Egermeier’s Bible Story BookEgermeier’s Bible Story Book
Elsie E. Egermeier

There is a reason that a Bible Story Book originially published in 1923 is still in print, 80 years later. With more stories than most (275), Egermeier’s is written in language easy for children to understand, without dumbing down the Bible. This accurate and graceful retelling of Scripture is our family’s favorite Bible Story Book.

Click to order Golden Children’s BibleGolden Children’s Bible
Golden Books

If your children are very visual and you need a Bible Story Book which is also a true Picture Bible, then this is the Bible Story Book for you. The text is very close to the language of the Bible without being too hard for children to understand. The illustrations are realistic and colorful rather than comic booky.

The Book of LifeThe Book of Life (8 volumes)
Newton Hall and Irving Wood

The editors of this wonderful eight-volume set give a comprehensive overview of it: “The Bible is the greatest book in the world. It is the divinely inspired record of the dealings of God with men through the centuries. Its importance may not be overestimated. To be of any value to the individual and to the world, however, the book must be read. The aim of the editors of The Book of Life is to get the Bible read, to help people read it and to understand it, to appreciate it and to enjoy it. ... The later generations ... are at a very great disadvantage because they must read what was originally spoken with vividness and power. ... the background is missing. The personality of the speaker, his country, the hills of Galilee, the streets of Jerusalem, the great nations which imperilled the life of the Hebrew people: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia; the later empires, Greece and Rome, the scene of the spread of Christianity--these are missing. It would not be of much interest to read the impassioned speeches of Patrick Henry and John Adams and Edmund Burke unless we knew something about the history of the American Revolution. It very greatly adds to our appreciation and understanding of the sermons of Amos and Isaiah to know something of the great empires which were the foes of Israel and to understand the social conditions of the times.”
“The editors of the Book of Life have tried to put these things back into the picture. Illustrated Bibles have been in existence from the earliest times. Many of the best editions of Luther’s day and of the Puritan times were illustrated and annotated.”
This eight-volume set features the text of the King James Bible; a chronological and logical arrangement; introductory and explanatory notes; photographs of biblical places and archeological finds illustrate the text, as well as color reprints of the masterworks of Western art; maps; and the great poems and hymns of Biblical subjects have also been included. The first volume, titled Bible Treasures, is a collection of stories, poems, hymns, and songs, with pictures, for young children, including many selections beginning readers can read on their own. Volumes two through seven begin the chronological arrangement of the Bible for older readers (later grammar stage through adult), illustrated and annotated, in this order: Bible Heroes & Pioneers, Bible Kings & Captains, Bible Prophets & Statesmen, Bible Poetry, Life of the Master, and Paul, Life & Letters. The final volume, volume eight, is the Bible Educator and Index. It includes so many helpful ideas for teaching the Bible to children and to oneself that it would be impossible to list them all here, but includes an extensive survey of the Bible’s influence on Art and English and American Literature, courses in Bible study for new mothers, for fathers and sons to study together, Old Testament History, the beginnings of the church and the life of Paul, etc; listings of poems and prayers in the Bible to memorize, and a reproduction of famous prayers of the church from Augustine and others; an index of poems and their authors written about Biblical stories or themes--the list goes on. Check your local Salvation Army Thrift Store before trying to find a set online--I often see complete sets at the Salvation Army for $10 or less.
Out of print. Search or via a title search using “book of life” and an author search using “newton hall.” These books were reprinted continuously into the 70’s; some later editions have more than eight volumes.

Click to order Stories from the Old TestamentStories from the Old Testament
Frances Lincoln

Subtitled: With Masterwork Paintings Inspired by the Stories. Seventeen of the best-known stories from the Old Testament, told using the King James text of the Biblie, accompany the paintings inspired by those stories by the great masters of the Renaissance: Rosselli, Brueghel, Rembrandt, and others. An added bonus is the short biography of each artist at the end of the book, along with a thumbnail of his painting used in this volume.

Click to order Stories From the New TestamentStories From the New Testament
Frances Lincoln

Subtitled: With Masterwork Paintings Inspired by the Stories. Seventeen of the best-known stories from the life of Jesus Christ, told using the King James text of the Bible, accompany the paintings inspired by those stories by the great masters of the Renaissance: Titan, Botticelli, Rubens, and others. An added bonus is the short biography of each artist at the end of the book, along with a thumbnail of his painting.

Click to order A is for AdamA is for Adam
Ken & Mally Ham

The Gospel message does not begin with the birth of Jesus and end with His resurrection. It begins with the creation of man and the world by God, and the events of the Creation and Fall are an integral part of understanding the Gospel message. This is the best book that I have found that presents the Gospel from Genesis for children, and the rhyme format makes it all the easier for our children to memorize the foundations in Genesis whereon all the doctrines of Christianity are built. The second part of the book contains notes for parents, teachers, and older children that resembles a commentary on Genesis. Many unique concepts are discussed teaching the Gospel from Genesis and showing how foundational it is to the rest of Scripture. At the end of the notes for each illustration, you will find student exercises that can be adapted for different age levels. The third part of the book contains full-page black and white drawings of each of the color illustrations from the first part of the book, that can be photocopied for coloring sheets. A superior resource.

Giant Print Reference Bible
Tyndale House

After children have learned the rudiments of reading, they should have their very own Bible for practicing reading in, and for developing the habit of personal Bible reading. A giant-print Bible is a nice edition for children in 1st through 3rd grades to use for their first “real” Bible: the large typeset is easier for beginning readers to read on their own, and easier for 1st through 3rd graders to copy from. Choose from the Giant Print King James Version, the Giant Print New King James Version, or the Giant Print New International Version.

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Bible for Grades 4-6

Click to order Creeds of the ChurchesCreeds of the Churches
John Leith

Subtitled: A Reader in Christian Doctrine, from the Bible to the Present. The Presbyterian Journal writes of this book, “An excellent compendium of Christian creeds. Especially valuable are the informative notes and comments by the editor which introduce both creedal sections and individual creeds.” I like the fact that the text of all the creeds are in one place, in order of their adoption by the church, and parents can choose which creeds they deem most important for their children to memorize. Also, the background information on each creed is a helpful addition to history lessons, or just to satisfy the curiosity of parents and children alike.

Click to order Luther’s Small CatechismLuther’s Small Catechism
Martin Luther

Probably the best place to get a catechism for your children is through your local church. However, lacking that, Luther’s Small Catechism provides for an understanding of the essentials of biblical Christianity, based on the authority and inerrancy of God’s Word, for all Protestant and evangelical Christians. The notes and explanations added provide helpful commentary for the layman. This is the catechism I learned as a child, which has grounded me in biblical authority and the doctrines of Christianity, and the catechism we used with our children. Martin Luther was a brilliant theologian whose nailing of 95 Theses on the chapel door in Wittenburg, Germany on October 31, 1517 lit a bonfire under the Reformation movement.

Click to order The Westminster Shorter Catechism in Modern EnglishWestminster Shorter Catechism in Modern English
Douglas Kelly

This is an excellent edition of the Westminster Shorter Catechism published by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing. Since its completion in 1647 the Westminster Shorter Catechism has been unsurpassed as a concise tool for teaching the Reformed understanding of Scripture. Though the truths of the catechism are unchanging, the English language has undergone many changes, which have made using the catechism in its original form increasingly difficult. Hence, this edition in modern English.

Click to order Training Hearts, Teaching MindsTraining Hearts, Teaching Minds
Starr Meade

“Those of us who care about passing on the baton of historic Christian truth must awaken to the importance of faithfully imparting its doctrines to our children ... Children need a grid through which to sift all that they see and hear. We must provide this for our children while they are still young. Doctrine cannot wait until children are teens, because adolescents are making major life decisions. The theological framework on which to base those decisions, the biblical worldview, must already be in place.” This family devotional based on the Shorter Catechism breathes life into the catechism. Each question in the Shorter Catechism has six lessons devoted to it. This allows a family to take one week per each question and study it from a different angle each day. 642 devotions in all, 6 for each of 107 catechism questions and answers.

Online Creeds and Catechisms:
Reformed Creeds and Catechisms
Luther’s Catechisms
Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms

Click to order Ultrathin Reference BibleUltrathin Reference Bible
Broadman and Holman

An edition for those who prefer just the text of the Bible, cross-references, maps and concordance without additional commentary. This beautiful Bible, with bonded leather covers, gold edges, matching ribbon marker, and the words of Christ in red, is the edition my husband and I chose for our children when they had grown out of their “little kid” Bibles. The slim size is lighter and easier for children and teens to take to and from church and Bible studies; and is perfect for personal reading and copying from. For grades 4 and up; it is a nice adult or family Bible too. Available in the King James Version, and the New King James Version in black, blue, or burgundy leather.

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Using the Online Catalog

This online catalog is made possible through an association with Barnes& Clicking on the book title or book cover will take you to Barnes&’s information page about that book. You can look at its price, availability, any discounts currently taken for that title, reviews of the book, and other information, as well as order it if you decide to purchase the book. You can even place books in your shopping cart and save them for purchase at a later time. You can continue to add or delete books from your shopping cart until you are satisfied with your order and ready to purchase. Clicking on any link to Barnes& will open a new window; to return to CCH, click on the “Window” menu on your browser’s menu bar, and choose Classical Christian Homeschooling.

Sometimes books go out of print, or the publisher runs out of stock. Any book not available from Barnes& for any reason can be searched using, a book shopping site which will scan Barnes& as well as, Powell’s Books, Book Close Outs and many other new and used book sites. Be sure to also check for out of print book searches.

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